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June 2022 Newsletter

Stuntman Summer Experience

Eight year old, “Michael” has big dreams of becoming a Stunt Man one day. “Michael” is a super active, full of energy kid who is always looking for fun ways to get his energy out. His nominator shared that he is a leader of his class and is a very bright and kind child. Through a Believe in Dreams experience, “Michael” was presented with a one week summer camp at Adrenaline Monkey, an Urban Air trampoline park experience, skate board lessons, a new mountain bike with ramp and rail set along with all of the safety gear. “Michael has overcome unimaginable hardships and is well on his way to practicing and learning skills to attain his dream of becoming a stunt man one day!

Summer is a busy time at Believe in Dreams. We will be presenting our 500th dream by the end of July! Half way to our goal of 1000 dreams by 2028. Your support will assure that every qualified child who is nominated will be presented with a customized, local dream experience.

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