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December 2022 Newsletter

Holiday Dreams Come True

Three siblings, ranging in age from 8-12, were nominated to BID for being selfless, compassionate, kind, courageous, and most importantly, their love of sharing with each other. They have endured several adverse childhood experiences already in their young lives and have overcome so much the last few years, continuing to have resilient spirits.


For the ninth year in a row, Believe in Dreams has partnered with Nurenberg Paris Law Firm for a unique ‘adopt-a-family’ holiday dream come true. This family received their dream presentation just a few days before Christmas last week. Among some of the highlights included a family getaway trip to Kalahari, an outdoor trampoline and jungle gym, swimming lessons and very special boxes from the North Pole, not to be opened until Christmas morning. Each sibling received their own individual dream package items including a bicycle, new bedding, mini basketball hoop, reborn doll and winter coats.


Thanks to your generosity, 2022 has been a year full of opportunity and hope for all our dreamers with a record breaking 118 dreams fulfilled!

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