Do you work with a resilient child who has big dreams?

Do you work with a child who is economically disadvantaged and has endured one or more adverse childhood experiences, not related to their own medical condition? A resilient child who continues to reach for his or her dreams even after continually confronting multiple barriers? Help bring access, connection and hope by nominating this child for a Dream come true experience.


Our nomination form is quick and easy to complete and can be saved for link sharing with the parent or guardian.

Criteria for nomination:

Ready to start the nomination process? See options below (average time to complete is 15 minutes)

Nominator and Dreamer (with Parent/Guardian) complete the form together. **RECOMMENDED** 

Complete our digital nomination form or download a hard copy form below.

Nominator and Dreamer complete the form together with Parent/Guardian completing separately.
The nominator completes first page of the Digital Nomination Form, then click save and continue – ignore the prompt to email the link. From here, copy and paste the email link to the Dreamer’s parent/guardian to complete their portion. The parent/guardian has 30 days to complete their portion. If digital access is limited, download the hard copy, print and complete the nominator page only. Then send the rest of the forms to the Dreamer’s parent/guardian and dreamer to complete and send in separately

If the dreamer is in CPS custody, the CPS Custody Nomination form link below needs to be signed by the Legal Guardian/CPS worker.
The CPS Custody Nomination Form needs to be signed by the Legal Guardian/CPS worker. If the nominator is different from the Dreamer’s CPS worker, they can send this paperwork directly to the CPS worker to complete. The rest of the nomination form needs be completed by nominator, dreamer and foster parent (if applicable). 

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