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Nominate A Dreamer

Due to a surge in nominations, demand for dream fulfillment is currently outpacing our staff capacity. We’ve gone from a 6 week queue to now a 12 week queue. In order to ensure the nominations already accepted get fulfilled in a timely manner, effective May 18, 2022, we are putting a TEMPORARY summer hold on new nominations coming in. This time will be used to increase Dream Coordinator staffing needs and update our criteria to ensure the high quality services we provide continue at the highest level. We will be reaching back out in early fall with an update.




Do you work with a child who is economically disadvantaged and has endured one or more adverse

childhood experiences? A resilient child who continues to reach for his or her dreams even after continually

confronting barrier after barrier? Help bring joy and hope by nominating this child for a Dream experience.

What is the impact of a Dream experience?

Our nomination form is quick and easy to complete and can be saved for link sharing with the parent or guardian.

Criteria for nomination:

 1. The nominee must be referred by a professional or non-relative adult nominator (ie: school personnel, child serving agencies, counselors, coaches, mentors, etc.).

2. The nominee must be 18 or under on the date the form is submitted. Parent / Guardian must sign release. 

3. The nominee must be disadvantaged economically (up to 250% of federal poverty guideline) and have

had an adverse childhood experience or trauma. Examples of trauma include, but are not limited to:

  • grief/loss of loved one
  • forced displacement or homelessness
  • physical abuse or neglect
  • child of incarcerated parent
  • witness or victim of domestic violence
  • witness or victim of school or community violence
  • military related trauma / deployed caregiver
  • emotional abuse/psychological maltreatment
  • natural disaster
  • non-parental custody
  • serious accident
  • assault
  • extreme poverty
  • war/terrorism/political violence
  • Other

4. The nominee must be recognized by the nominator to have positive character traits and the motivation to reach for their dreams.

5. The nominee must live in one of the following counties:

Ready to start the nomination process? We appreciate your patience. Please check back in September when it is reopened

Nominator complete together with Dreamer and Parent/Guardian (PG) (recommended)- estimated total time is 15 minutes (Digital or Hard Copy Option)  Click on either the ‘digital nomination form’ download link or download the hard copy to print and complete together.

Nominator and PG /dreamer complete separately-estimated total combined time is 15 minutes (Digital or Hard Copy Option): Nominator can complete the first page of the “digital nomination form”.  Click save and continue.  Ignore the ’email link’ function.  Copy and paste the email link into an email and send to the P/G to complete their portion.   They will have 30 days to complete their portion. If you prefer a hard copy, you can also click on the “nomination form download” link below, print the form and complete the nominator page only. Then send the rest of the forms to the P/G and Dreamer to complete and send in separately.

If the dreamer is in CPS Custody, the CPS Custody Nomination form link below needs to be signed by the Legal Guardian/CPS worker. Nominator, if different from CPS worker, can send this short form directly to the CPS worker to complete- estimated time is under 5 minutes: Upon submission of the CPS Custody form, the dreamer form will be provided by BID to the foster parents (with help of the nominator) to help the child complete their dream requests.

Questions? Contact us at: 440-484-2376 or email kristen@believeindreams.org