Dreams in the Works

First Aid/CPR Class

‘Samantha ‘ Age: 15

Dream: To learn first aid/CPR for kids and adults.  First aid/CPR classes will be part of this child’s dream package.

Story: ‘Samantha’ is strong, mature girl who loves to help others and her dream is to work with kids someday. ‘Samantha’ has endured multiple hardships including abuse, non parental custody and loss of loved ones.

Impact: This would impact ‘Samantha’ by helping her decide her career path.

Code: AF61-545

Geneva on the Lake Cottage

‘Kelly & Eddie’  Ages: 13 & 10

Dream: To go to Geneva on the Lake Cottage with family. Cottage stay will be a part of these children’s dream packages.

Story: ‘Kelly & Eddie’ are a creative, funny, caring children. ‘Kelly & Eddie’ have endured abuse in their lives.

Impact: This would impact ‘Kelly & Eddie’ by allowing them and their family to be closer.

Code: KK65-549 & EK64-548


Snowboard Lessons

‘Jacob’  Age: 9

Dream: To take snowboard lessons.  Snowboard lessons will be part of this child’s dream package.

Story: “Jacob’ is a curious, empathic kid who loves to learn new things . ‘Jacob” has endure multiple hardships including homelessness, extreme poverty and incarcerated parent.

Impact: Jacob shared that having a dream experience would “make me and my family happy.”

Code: JB69-553