Frequently Asked Questions

“Why don’t you share more details about the dreamers and what they’ve been through?”
“Why don’t you post more pictures of dreamers on social media?”

Believe in Dreams works very hard to protect the privacy of our dreamers and their families. This may be due to multiple traumas experienced or ongoing safety risks related to a trauma that a dreamer has endured. We deeply respect the privacy of the families we work with and make sure that they maintain full ownership over their story and how it’s shared. Unfortunately, many children we work with have experienced domestic violence or foster care. When serving children in this situation, safety is always our number one priority. Thankfully, there are state laws that protect children in foster care from being exploited and their images are not permitted to be shared publicly when they are in custody of the state.

We enter the lives of our Dreamers and families often when they are overcoming some of the most difficult challenges humans experience. Permission to take photos or videos is not a requirement to receive a dream. We understand that this makes it more difficult to spread awareness about the work of our organization and we are up to this challenge. We share minimal hardship category information with direct-to-dream donors to ensure the donor has enough detail to understand who they are helping grant a dream for. The Dreamer families then maintain ownership over the details of their own story to share as they see fit. When photos and videos are able to be taken, our dream coordinators work with the families to ensure informed consent is given as to how we can share those images. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us maintain dreamer safety & privacy.

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