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Believe in Dreams
Believe in Dreams5 hours ago
Today we celebrate Juneteenth! ☺️💜A holiday first celebrated in Texas following the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. While the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1862, freeing all slaves in America, slaves in Texas were not made aware of the change in law until almost two and a half years later.

Juneteenth is a day of celebration of freedom and hope for the future. Each day we must do better than we did yesterday to grow as a community. 💜

Please check out the links below and on our story for additional resources about Juneteenth.

PBS: https://www.pbs.org/wnet/african-americans-many-rivers-to-cross/history/what-is-juneteenth/


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Believe in Dreams
Believe in Dreams2 days ago
A special happy birthday to our Board Member, and honorary ‘first dreamer’ D.j. Santiago! 🥳Thank you so much for supporting the mission of Believe in Dreams and being the amazing person you are. Your fun and loving personality adds value to the organization like no other. We hope your day is filled with laughter, love, and happiness. 💜

#believeindreams #BID #birthday #happybirthday #celebrate #cleveland #nonprofit #CLE #community #coworker
Believe in Dreams
Believe in Dreams1 week ago
Thank you so much to Trumans hosting our Happy Hour and to all of you who attended! We are so grateful for all of you for helping raise over $1400 to support our dreamers!

Truman's 216

#BelieveinDreams #BID #happyhour #ForOurDreamers #dreams #nonprofit #cleveland #support #CLE #youngprofessionals #believe #community #dreamon #clevelandarea #trumans #thankyou #thankful #trumans
Believe in Dreams
Believe in Dreams1 week ago
“Some people are worth melting for” -Olaf ☃️❄️

We all know and love Frozen, the 2013 movie that won the hearts of many young girls around the world. A very special princess’s dream to meet Elsa and Anna, came true because of a generous donation from Part of Their World LLC. Thank you for this unforgettable experience and supporting our dreamers! 💜

#dreamgranter #BID #Dreams #Believeindreams #thankyou #cleveland #nonprofit #CLE #youth #Frozen


10 months ago
Our Believe in Dreams family is honored to be sponsored by such a generous group of supporters. We would like to thank them for their continued support! Check out how you can become a Dream Granter by participating or sponsoring in our upcoming event!

https://t.co/YLxrLagHYj https://t.co/K4sY6OoqNX
BIDforKids photo
10 months ago
Can you help with back to school supplies? Contactless drop off this Sunday. https://t.co/drLHQW0m6V https://t.co/wrAvbmTBJn BIDforKids photo
10 months ago
Believe in Dreams family friendly 5K run/walk will be virtual this year! This will allow us not only to protect the health and safety of our community, but you can now choose your own course, location, activity, date and even start time!

10 months ago
As we prepare for the new season we are grateful to bring back our amazing interns Lexi Ritt, Community Outreach and Development Coordinator, and Dream Coordinator, DeJanae Miller. Our BID community is so appreciative of their hard work and commitment! https://t.co/X9KtZDFmX4 BIDforKids photo
10 months ago
We are so excited to announce that Jeff Kavlick, Founder and CEO of Moreland Connect will be joining the Believe in Dreams family as a member of our board! Our community appreciates your dedication to our mission to instill hope throughout NEO! https://t.co/0pxbu3eDak BIDforKids photo
10 months ago
We are so thankful and excited to announce A to Z furniture & appliance as one of our sponsors for our family friendly Running Wild 5K and 1mile walk in memory of Stacy DiJuluis! To find out how you can join click the link below!

https://t.co/YLxrLagHYj https://t.co/ieYW0EgV3m
BIDforKids photo

@Believe in Dreams

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November 2020 Newsletter

Celebrating our 300th Dream!

Believe in Dreams is excited to announce that with your vital support, together we have reached an incredible milestone, 300 Dreams! 300 unique and personalized dreams to support, give hope and make a difference for 300 resilient youth in our community.
Our 300th Dream is similar to our first, a tale of resiliency in children. A 13-year-old boy who has endured several hardships including past homelessness, an incarcerated parent and severely low income. Despite everything he has been through he is extremely smart, kind, helpful and motivated. He excels in school and is a major caregiver for his younger siblings with a cognitive disability. With his devotion to supporting his family and due to their low income, he hasn’t had the resources to pursue his interests. With dreams of learning to do glass blowing and coding, your support provided him with the opportunity to receive a personal glass blowing experience, up to 3 sessions of virtual coding lessons and additional items every 13-year-old boy loves.
As we begin this holiday season in uncertain times, on behalf of the 300th youth that received their dream, and the countless additional children in line to fulfill their dreams, we are tremendously grateful for your support!

Dream Fulfilled

There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing the joy of a child. Dream Coordinator, Molly, was able to see this x3 while working with the ‘Smith’ family. ‘Max’ 4, ‘Justin’ 5, and ‘Frankie’ 7 have a family member with a chronic illness that has taken up most of the family’s time, energy, and attention and has caused much financial strain. Along with their mother, these resilient kids live with their grandparents who help provide support to the family. They stay positive and hopeful being together as a family. They asked for the smallest things but they have the biggest impact. They are all going on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad when it re-opens in 2021 and received a family membership to the Zoo for a full year of memory making. ‘James’ received new toys and clothes. ‘Max’ got new toys, an iPad, and art supplies. ‘Frankie received a mother/daughter spa day, an iPad, and toys. They could’t wait to see Molly and kept asking when the would get to talk to her. Through the smiles and laughter, ‘Frankie’ told Molly that she is better than Santa. A moment that Molly and the family will never forget.

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